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Teaching Interests

Justin is interested in all aspects of organic chemistry and allied fields of biochemistry, material science and sustainability. Currently he teaches second and third year organic chemistry, spectroscopy, and polymer science. Justin also established a new Honours module in Chemical Biology at Flinders University and has taught invited Honours modules at the University of Tasmania and Leiden University. In these efforts, he aims to inspire students and convince them that chemistry is a valuable and interesting academic discipline in and of itself, but also a highly practical science essential for the well-being of humanity.

"One of my motivations for teaching is to share the thrill of discovery"

"I am also a strong proponent of inquiry-driven learning and undergraduate research. In class, we learn what is known, but in the lab we can discover something entirely new. Research empowers student to think, learn and discover."

"What better way to learn science, than by doing science?"

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Chemistry Education Papers

Topics and Classes

Current Topics (Flinders University)

Organic Reactions (CHEM 2702)

Spectroscopy and Data Analysis (CHEM 2711)

Organic Synthesis and Mechanism (CHEM 3711)

Introduction to Polymer Science (CHEM 3712)

Clean Technology (CTEC 3101)

Chemical Biology (CPES 7721)

Great Ideas in Organic Chemistry (Tasmanian Alkaloids Visiting Lecturer, University of Tasmania)

Prior Topics (Taught at the University of Oxford & The University of Tulsa)
Transition Metal Chemistry

Pericyclic Reactions

Alicyclic Chemistry

Reactive Intermediates and Rearrangements

Physical Organic Chemistry

Secondary Metabolism

Chemical Biology
Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II

Medicinal Chemistry

Advanced Topics in Chemical Biology

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