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Chalker Research Lab 2019

Max Mann, Max Worthington, Lisa Alcock, Sam Tonkin, Kym Scroggie,

Dr Justin Chalker, Dr Louisa Esdaile, Nic Lundquist, and Alfrets Tikoalu

(Not pictured: Dr Gabriela Oksdath, Renata Kucera, Aoife Rutley, Ryan Shapter)

Lisa Alcock

PhD candidate from 2016

(Co-Supervision with A/Prof Mike Perkins)

Lisa is exploring new tools for understanding cysteine redox chemistry

Renata Kucera

Summer Scholar, 2016-2017; Honours 2017

PhD Candidate from 2019

Renata is developing new probes for the chemical biology of lipids

Maximilian Mann

Honours 2018; PhD candidate from 2019

Max is exploring new applications of sulfur polymers that benefit the environment

Louisa Esdaile

Associate Lecturer and Research Fellow

Louisa is a project leader on research problems relating to sustainable polymers and environmental science.

Nic Lundquist

Honours 2016; PhD candidate from 2017

Nic is studying materials made from sulfur and their applications in sustainable technologies

Jessica Phillips

PhD candidate from 2016

(Co-Supervision with Prof Colin Raston)

Jessica is developing new technology for flow chemistry, with an emphasis on catalysis.

Scott Pye

PhD candidate from 2016 

(Co-Supervision with Prof Colin Raston)

Scott is investigating diverse applications of olefin metathesis, sustainable chemistry and continuous processing

Kymberley Scroggie

PhD candidate from 2015

(Co-Supervision with A/Prof Mike Perkins)

Kym is developing new chemical and biochemical tools for PET imaging. Her project is a collaboration with Gonçalo Bernardes at the University of Cambridge.

Alfrets Tikoalu

Masters 2019

Alfrets is developing low-cost and sustainable building materials and new applications of sulfur polymers

Aoife Rutley

Research student 2019

Aoife is investigating sustainable methods for metal recycling

Ryan Shapter

Summer scholar 2019

Ryan is investigating new concepts in recycling and repurposing polymer waste

Sam Tonkin

Honours 2019

Sam is investigating new methods for polymer repair and recycling 

Max Worthington

Honours, 2015; PhD candidate from 2016

Max is investigating renewable polymers and new modes of reactivity for alkenes and alkynes in biological systems.

Lab Alumni

Muneer Ahamed | University of Queensland
Salah Alboaiji | Masters, Flinders University
Mawey Akol | Masters, Flinders University
Suhayb Al-Bilasi | The University of Tulsa
Firas Andari | Masters, Flinders University
Matthew Bardeaux | PhD program in Chemistry, Oklahoma State University 
Ashley Blythe | Flinders University
Travis Brachtenbach | Masters program in Forensic Science, Oklahoma State University
Audrey Buxton | UMKC School of Dentistry, Commissioned Officer US Navy
Joshua Cameron | Flinders University
Adam Carrick | Australian Science and Mathematics School (work placement)
Michael Crockett | PhD program in Chemistry, Boston College
Jessica Crossfield | Chevron Engineer
Phillip Culp | University of Oklahoma Medical School, Commissioned Officer US Army
Melanie Donna | Placement 2016
Grant Edwards | PhD program in Chemistry, North Carolina State University
Austin Evans | Goldwater Scholar (Tulsa), NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Chemistry PhD, Northwestern University
Kyle Farrell | Honours 2016
Jacira Ferreira | Chevron Engineer
Bram Frohock | PhD program in Chemistry, North Carolina State University
Alaina Hamilton | University of Oklahoma Medical School
Amna Javed | Process Engineer, Leidos
Farhan Javed | Undergraduate, Harvard University
Shaun Johns | Flinders University
Gregory Jones | PhD program in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Moujtaba Kasmani | The University of Tulsa
Christina Kealey | The University of Tulsa
Sarah Keglovits | Undergraduate, Stanford University
Chris Kennedy | Masters, The University of Tulsa
Jess Kruger | Flinders University
Connor Luckett | Placement 2016
Tyler Matheny | PhD program in Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Colorado Boulder
Joshua McErlean | NanoCentre Summer Scholar 2017
Rebekah Moorman | The University of Tulsa
​Grace Pierce (nee Johnson) | Oxford Learning Center, Math and Science Mentor
Caitlin Pegg | NSF Graduate Research Fellow, PhD Program at Northwestern University School of Medicine
Marissa Schmauch | Goldwater Scholar, The University of Tulsa
Evan Shrestha
Jess Smith | University of Liverpool
Meg Smith | The University of Tulsa
Amberleana Sweeney
Mitchell Trafford | NSF Graduate Research Fellow, PhD Program in Chemistry at Rice University
Will Tuck | Seaview High School (work placement)
Matt Collier | Synthetic Chemist, Trécé Inc., Adair, Oklahoma
Ally Lack | Graduate, The University of Tulsa
Matt Tierney | PhD Program in Chemistry at North Carolina University
Isaac Watson | Summer Scholar 2016
Michael Williamson | The University of Tulsa
Michael Womble | PhD program in material science, University of Texas at Dallas
Michael Zalavari | Bureau Veritas